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Shipping and delivery


At the moment, Myeatit is B2C and ships to the following European countries: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Norway, Holland, the UK and Sweden. Shipping is done through UPS, who will deliver the goods to the address indicated in the order. The delivery method is STANDARD UPS with a 3-5 days delivery time. The goods will be shipped together with an invoice, made upon purchase. The shipping fee is included in the product price.

Warranty and refund

The customer is bound to check the completeness of the package. The customer should ensure that the package was not damaged or modified. In case the package is damaged during shipment, the customer has to undertake the following steps:

  • The customer has to check the goods upon delivery and has to declare the anomalies detected to the courier.
  • The customer has to accept the goods UNCHECKED.
  • The customer has to send a request for reimbursement to with pictures to prove the claimed damage. On the basis of the damage Myeatit will reimburse the customer or will resend the damaged goods.